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You want to study in France or in a French-speaking country?


Ouverture de la campagne des bourses pour l’année universitaire 2017-2018 pour la France du 27 mars au 30 avril 2017 (enseignement en français & anglais). Trouvez ci-dessous les formulaires de candidature pour votre demande de bourse pour l’année universitaire 2017/2018. Si vous souhaitez étudier en français, veuillez rédiger votre projet en français.

Application for 2017-2018 scholarship for higher studies in France (teaching in french&english) are open from 27 March to 30 April 2017. Find below application form to support your project. If you wish to study in English, please write your project in English


1/  Définir mon projet (formulaire ci-dessous)

Scholarship application – Defining your project

2/ Trouver ma formation (lien ci-dessous)

3/ Remplir ma candidature + CV

Demande de bourse 2017 – français

4/ Contacter l’université (formulaire ci-dessous)

Scholarship application – Uni contact email V2

5/ Envoyer ma candidature à :

Date limite : 30 Avril 2017

Scholarship fund 2017 2018

Contact for details :


1/ Define your project (form below)

Scholarship application – Defining your project

2/ Find your course in France  (link below)

3/ Fill in the appplication form + CV (French/English)

Scholarship application form 2017 – English

4/ Contact the university (form below)

Scholarship application – Uni contact email V2

5/ Send your application to :

Deadline : 30th April 2017

Why studying in France?

1/ For the quality of its system of higher education
France’s higher education system is not only one of the best in the world—it’s also open to all!
The quality of French higher education is widely recognized throughout the world.

2/ For this affordable education cost
In France, the government finances the cost of education – an average cost of €10,000 per student per year.

3/ To experience the unique French “art of living”&international environment

France is the leading tourist destination in the entire world with 80 millions of tourists per year!
Its health-care and transportation systems are second to none. France is also a safe and tolerant country.
Each year more than 278,000 international students choose France for their higher education. 12% are international students in French universities.

4/ For the country’s advanced economy
A major force in the world economy. 39 French companies figure among the 500 largest in the world.

5/ For the study & work experience
International students have the right to work while studying in France as long as they are enrolled in an institution that participates in the national student health-care plan.
The law allows students to work 964 hours in a given year, which corresponds to 60% of full-time employment for the year.

How to apply to studies in France?

To study in France and apply to French language higher education programs, you need to have the French Diploma DELF B2. The IFB team is also here to help you at every step of the way and offers to:

Learn more about French diplomas

1/ Inform you about higher education in France
Etudier en France/Campus France

2/ Guide you selecting institutions and programs
Find your training/Campus France

3/ Assist you with admissions and visa applications and prepare you for a successful stay in France
Prépare ton séjour/Campus France

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For further information and to help you choose your education program, please contact us @ contact@institutfranç

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