French for kids & teens

Learning French has never been so much fun! French Institute gives the opportunity to the children and teens to learn French through a playful environment at Institut Français de Birmanie ! including interactive program, composed of interactive activities (games, songs, role-playing, hands-on activities, etc.) as a means of encouraging them to communicate in French.

Class schedule (Beginners) 

>IFB offers session courses for TEENAGERS (up to 11-15 years old)

on Monday & Wednesday 4PM to 5:30PM

>IFB offers session courses for KIDS (up to 7-11 years old)

on Thursday 4PM to 5:30PM

Post Beginners

>IFB offers session courses for KIDS (up to 7-11 years old) 

on Thursday&Friday 4:30PM to 5:30PM

Your kid will always have an opportunity to speak, draw and sing in French ………at Institut français de Birmanie !

Contact us for more information or to schedule a meeting