Diplomas and levels

DELF exam jan 2017

DELF and DALF certifications

Official diplomas awarded by the French Ministry of Education to certify the proficiency in French as a foreign language

● French equivalent of the English proficiency test TOEFL

● Lifetime and worldwide validity

DELF and DALF new exam session

Registration at the students’ office: +95 1 536900 or courses.ifb@gmail.com (Tuesday to Saturday) From March 8th to May 6th 2017


Session : Prim (7-11 y.o)

Inscriptions du : 20/02/2017 au 10/03/2017

Session : Junior ( 12-17 y.o)

Inscriptions du : 01/03/2017 au 06/05/2017

Session : Tout public (adults)

Inscriptions du : 01/03/2017 au 06/05/2017


– Etudiants IFB, Centre français de Mandalay, Lycée français international de Rangoun / IFB students, Mandalay French center, Yangon French international high school

> A1, A2: 25 USD

> B1: 35 USD

> B2, C1, C2: 45 USD

– Adultes exterieurs / Non-members of the institutions mentioned above

> A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2: 100 USD


A1 : 26 Mai

A2 : 27 Mai

B1 : 29 Mai

B2 : 28 Mai

C1 : 30 Mai

C2 : 31 Mai

DELF/DALF examiners and markers are all trained and authorized by the CIEP. They follow strict assessment guidelines and are regularly monitored.

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DELF DALF  juin 2015


IFB curriculum is modeled after the Common European Framework of Reference (CECR) for Languages.
The 6 levels (4 skills) do comply with the criteria of the DELF and DALF diplomas.

● Basic level skills A1/A2
You will be able to speak in most common day to day situations about yourself and your immediate environment
● Independent level skills B1/B2
Your level of fluency and spontaneity allows you to understand, maintain a discussion, give your opinion and correct your own mistakes.
● Perfecting level skills C1/C2
You are totally independent and you can express yourself fluently, spontaneously for academic and advanced level purposes.


+95(1) 536900