For security reasons, identity of all visitors will be checked before entering the compound. 1) Students and library members are requested to produce their card.  2) Other visitors must present an official identity document (Passport, National identity card, Driving License). Only original documents - copies, scans and photographs not accepted 3) All bags are to be checked by security agents. Thank you for your understanding and kind cooperation!                                         Consignes de sécurité, L’identité de tous les visiteurs est contrôlée à l’entrée. 1) Les étudiants et membres de la médiathèque sont priés de présenter leur carte. 2) Les autres visiteurs doivent obligatoirement présenter une pièce d'identité officielle (passeport, carte d’identité, permis de conduire). Seuls les documents originaux sont acceptés. Les photocopies, documents scannés ou photographiés seront refusés.  3) Les sacs sont contrôlés de manière systématique par les agents de sécurité.  Merci de votre compréhension et de votre aimable coopération.

XVIIème Sommet de la Francophonie – vive la Francophonie en Birmanie !

XVII Francophonie Summit – Long live La Francophonie in Myanmar!


will be held on October 11 and 12 in Yerevan, Armenia. The Conference of Heads of State and government of French-speaking countries is gathering around the theme: “Living together in solidarity, sharing humanistic values and respect for diversity: a source of peace and prosperity for the Francophone world”. It will adopt a Francophonie strategy for the promotion of equality between women and men, rights and the empowerment of women and girls.

Do you know the Francophonie in Myanmar?: 2,300 people taking French courses, half in international schools and universities, the other at the in Yangon and the In addition, 1,200 guides, doctors, non-governmental and international organization staff and other Francophones use the French language every day.

Nearly 1,000 French people, registered at the Consulate of the , live in Myanmar and at least as many French-speaking expatriates. With more than 150 students and a rapid growth of its international and Burmese staff, the is a leading institution in the development of the Francophonie in Myanmar.

Our actions in favor of the Francophonie in Myanmar aim to strengthen the place of French in the Myanmar education system, particularly in science and technology courses, to broaden the learning of French in international schools, to support the ongoing reform of the education system by promoting medium-term learning of French as a second foreign language at school. We support the development of relations of   with Myanmar universities that could integrate the AUF’s global network and benefit from the expertise and know-how of other members.

 As a meeting place for Francophonie in the country, the organizes annual family friendly and quality events, on the occasion of the International Day of Francophonie (March 20). The Institut Français de Birmanie and the French Cultural Center in Mandalay offer modern pedagogical tools and offer an international certification of language skills (DELF / DALF).  is a partner institution of the French Teaching Agency Abroad and complies with French national education programs, adapted to promote plurilingualism. The lessons are taught in French and in English. Schooling is sanctioned by the French diploma of the baccalaureate, which is internationally recognized. It gives access to the university in France, in all Europe and in most countries of the world (including for example the United States, Great Britain or Singapore). Registrations are still possible for the current school year.

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