Sport & well-being

IFB gladly hosts all kinds of activities every week, open to all (no need to be an IFB member). Please note that some activities are not held on regular basis. Hence, we encourage you to contact directly the person in charge of each activity.


> It is compulsory for the visitors to bring their OFFICIAL, ORIGINAL ID cards with photo or PASSPORTS to enter IFB.
> Bodyscan and bag-check will be carried out for security consideration.
Thank you for your cooperation.

Restaurant “OLIVA” is open from Monday to Friday 10:30am to 9pm. Wide range of foods and drinks available on site.

  • Le Cine Club 

Every Monday at 7:30pm. For all French movie lovers!

Film in original langage with english subtitles (Lecture room). Free entrance.



  • Improvisation workshop 

Every Tuesday 6:30pm > 8:30pm (Lecture room, Upstairs)

Vous avez envie de vous essayer à l’improvisation, c’est le moment !
Un atelier dans la bonne humeur avec des exercices ludiques et rythmés qui vous permettront de découvrir l’impro et ses règles, et d’organiser des matches.

Un match d’impro, c’est comme de la musique qu’on invente ensemble, mais version théâtre. Bref, ici on joue et on s’amuse. L’atelier est gratuit et a lieu tous les Mardis, de 18h à 20h, à l’Institut Français.

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  • Capoeira Class 

Tuesday, 6:30pm > 8pm (Main stage, Outdoor)
Sunday, 5pm > 7pm 
Free of charge.

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  • Yoga Class (Lecture room)

Wednesday 6း30pm – 8:00pm

A Yoga class that draws on the Wisdom of the 5 elements that surround us and that we are made of, this class is for all levels of ‘movement’ practitioner and integrates Qi Gong practices. It is aimed at deepening one’s connection between mind and body, in this way bringing more balance to the living system and finding well-being, fitness, weight-loss, mental relaxation and a better sense of self.

Students will receive 15% discount at Oliva Restaurant in IFB for the Veg/Salad Combo as well as the opportunity to book a Vegetarian dinner at a discounted price.

Daniel works with the 5 Elements we are composed of and that occur in nature (Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Spirit). Together he works towards balancing these to help achieve Wellness. Ancient medical systems (Yoga, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine) and increasingly allopathic (Western) medicine agree that energy flow and balance are key to an organism so it can both heal and prevent itself from injury.

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Bring your own mat!


  • Tango Class (Lecture room)

Thursday, 7pm > 8:30pm
Lecture room. Free entrance.

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  • Meditation Class (Lecture room)

Sunday, 10am > 11:30 am
Lecture room. Free entrance
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  • Pétanque (game of French bowls) 

Our petanque courts are open!
Monday to Sunday, 8am to 10pm.
No need to register!